Uzès, city of Art and History

Uzès, first Duchy of France, unrolls its narrow medieval streets at the foot of the ducal castle where the family of Crussol d'Uzès has lived for nearly a thousand years.

Rich mansions of the seventeenth and eighteenth, "Renaissance" facades, Cathedral and Romanesque tower, medieval garden, Gallo-Roman aqueduct ... everything in Uzès invites you to stroll through history.

Its prestigious setting favors privileged encounters and great cultural moments: Musical Nights, Festival of New Dance, World Music, etc.

The Gardens of Uzès

The park and the garden of the Duchy, the flower festivals, the private gardens, the medieval garden ... in the spring Uzès bloomed again to sing the colors and the perfumes found.

At the foot of the Bishop's Tower, in the courtyard that led to the old seigniorial jails, the medieval garden is a haven of peace and harmony: garden of the simple, garden of medicinal or vegetable plants, fountains and wall frescoes.
A place much appreciated during the hot summer days.

The Duchy of Uzès

The ducal castle, which stands like a fortress in the heart of the city, has never been attacked, which explains why it has kept its original splendor.
From the top of the Bermonde Tower the panorama of the uzgegian countryside is striking: plains and wine hills, silhouette of the Cevennes mountains, scrublands of the Eure valley ... and the ocher roofs of the old Uzetian houses.

Huguenot stronghold and City of Bishops, Uzès lived dramatic hours at the time of the wars of religion.
Of its ten churches, there remains the Cathedral St Theodorit with its Roman tower campanile, the Church of St. Stephen and the Temple.
Places of worship but also cultural sites that host each year many concerts of classical music.

The mansions of Uzès

The numerous mansions XVII and XVIII with the decorated facades testify of a rich past of commercial city. Mullioned windows, molded door frames, paved courtyards, arched arches: for a bit, it's like being back in the days of Cyrano de Bergerac ... moreover, the hotel de Roxane overlooks the place aux herbes (Uzès served as set in the filming of Jean Paul Rappeneau's film).

The herb square and its arcades

The place aux herbes, animated each Saturday morning with the sparkles of the Provençal market, offers its arcades to small shops and restaurant terraces. A must-see place !!!

The country of scrubland and dry stone

Past the gates of Uzès, the path crosses the country of mazets and capitelles. Small dry stone huts, the capitelles (there are several hundreds on the Uzège!) Have been used as shelter for the harvests of olives or shepherds: they form today a reason for stroll through a landscape of garrigue rustling of the cicada song.

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